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Hi! My name is Blake Stoner. Allow me to share a little bit of my testimony. I grew up in the church and always had a relationship with God; however, my life did not reflect Him. I came to the realization that I had not been following Him wholeheartedly, nor was I sharing the Gospel. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I realized God is the true fulfillment in life. Throughout my life, I struggled to share the Gospel.


After this realization, I began to think about ways to create something that could initiate an intentional conversation or plant a seed in someone's life. 

I started wearing the "Original Jesus Freak Hoodie" and had 25+ people ask me about it in the first week.

Many people came up to me with comments like:

    • "Who is Jesus?"

    • "What is a Jesus Freak?"

    • "I love your hoodie! Thanks for the reminder!"

    • "I didn't know Jesus loved me."

These comments allowed me to open up about my faith and share the Gospel.


My heart behind Jesus Freak Club is for other Christians, especially those who struggle as I did, to be able to easily share the Gospel with those around them. 


Sharing your faith just got WAY easier. Jesus Freak Club is a Christian brand allowing people to be bold in their faith and represent Jesus. People can spark conversations and plant seeds in others through our clothes and accessories. Jesus Freak Club is not just another clothing brand. All items ordered are prayed over and sent out with love and care. You are not a customer. You are a friend. Thank you for supporting Jesus Freak Club.

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